What if you discovered Justin Bieber?

What if you discovered Justin Bieber?  

The YouTube sensation turned teen pop star was discovered singing love songs on YouTube as just a boy.  But no one would have ever heard of him, had he not been discovered.  It’s easy to find talent these days with all of the social media present in culture but what about the people who don’t post what their capable of all over the internet.  The reality is that not all talent is discovered, more often, it has to be detected.

It has been said that a prodigy resides in us all.  Perhaps it isn't the musical ability of a young Mozart or modern day vocal ability of a young Justin Bieber, but I do ascribe to the belief that there is tremendous potential in us all.  Before you jump to the conclusion that this post is a 3 step plan to discover your inner prodigy, let me tell you straight up, it’s not.  Sorry, maybe another time.  No, these next few sentences are being written out of a sincere passion for awakening. Fathers, Husbands, Mothers, Wives, Students, Leaders, well, you can name the category must realize the opportunity to pull out the potential that resides in those around us.

We have all heard the phrase, “ You bring out the best in me” or “You bring out the worst  in me.” Fortunately and unfortunately we all have people in our lives that effect us one way or the other.  The question I've been wrestling with within myself is which one am I?  Do I truly bring out the best in others?  In my relationship with my wife, as a friend and leader, am I pulling out the prodigy or stifling the potential? The truth is we are all doing one or the other.  In every relationship or in whatever role in your home, business, school etc. we have to be intentional about doing three things:   Detect.  Project.  Protect.

We have to detect passion and potential, project a vision for seeing that potential realized, and do our part to protect that person and their potential.  Whether it be a fellow employee, a child, a spouse, or someone you mentor, one of your high calling’s is to detect the potential resident in whoever that person may be.


Many people don’t do great things simply because no one is telling them that they can. 

We must take it upon ourselves to probe for possibility inside of people.  We must become keen to detect talent and gifting.

Next, we must project a vision for that potential to be realized and utilized!  A lot of people cannot see beyond insecurity, past failures, or disbelief, the many possibilities that exist within themselves to make a difference or pursue a new endeavor.  We must speak life, affirm, and incite an awakening within them.  Of course, we cannot force them into doing something great but we must allow them to realize that doing something great with their lives is indeed possible.  

Lastly, we must protect those we detect ability in and project vision for.  If someone very gifted suddenly rises up as a leader in an organizational context get ready for stones to be thrown.  Obviously, we cannot stop this natural process from happening.  Success comes with both celebration and criticism, but we can build walls with our support, love, and words that help shield them from the blow.  Additionally, with success comes more and more opportunities.  We must be sure to keep those we care about balanced and also aware of the new challenges that await us at every new level.

Instead of waiting for the next big thing to be discovered on YouTube, look around your house, the office, or your campus...because a prodigy resides in us all.





Thoughts On School Shooting

Royal Family and Friends,

After hearing about the shooting today at the Chardon High School in Ohio its heartbreaking and down right NOT FAIR that kids should have to worry day to day if there high school will be next. Somewhere in all this there is action to be taken. The messages that are pumped into our lives everyday effect us greater than we can even imagine. Causing brothers to kill brothers and sisters to kill sisters. We must reach this generation at its most vulnerable place. Which is Jr High and High Schools. Teens are making drastic decisions everyday for good and for bad. Theres no vision and no direction! And without those two important aspects people tend to follow in the foot steps of those gone before them. Leading them into someones else's past and giving them no future of what they could become! Its time for you as students that go to a school to stand up for things that are right. Help those less fortunate and stick up for those who are bullied! It is definitely not time for us to be silent and scared! But to rise up and start prayer cultures and community events that reach out to homeless and hurting people. Boredom is not an option! We must be aware of whats before us and that its up to us to change it! As read this right now I pray that you are broken by the loss of a brother today and also anxious with tons of ideas about how you can began to change your world!

The hardest thought for me today after hearing about the shooting. Is that we lost someone in the body of christ. Someone that came from the same imagination of God killed his brother today. I cant help but think its because he really doesn't know he's hurting his on family. He didn't have a clear vision of what the Love of God looks like and that he's apart of something bigger than what it was that caused him to do something so drastic today. WE are all brothers and sisters and we must stand together. As the Body of Christ we are wounded today and we must morn for the loss of brother. It is our duty to lift those families and the rest of the student body up in prayer! 

One of the strongest influences in the world we live in today are the ones transmitted through music. So what Royal Tailor is going to do is continue to empower and produce tools for this generation to take control back! And Bring HOPE to those searching for their identity. Because its definitely not working with the messages that come from pop culture today! Be a VOICE in your lifetime… God gave you a voice to use, so use it for good!  

If you would like to aid Royal Tailor in our mission to getting into school heres how you can be apart. And at the very least pass the word around… Use your VOICE. Lets make a difference now, not later.


With much Love and Concern!