The Story 

Our culture is dysfunctional.  Truth is relative.  The voices that are amplified through music and media are poisoning the hearts, minds, and value system of todays culture.  The poison is seeping into the lives of our youth.  There are some serious issues that we are dealing with.  In playing shows all over the country we meet thousands of students and we hear their stories.  Stories that tear your heart out.  Kids having to deal with the effects of divorce or abusive home lives.  Kids cutting their own bodies.  Kids that are insecure so they look to inappropriate physical relationships for validation.  Kids who are abusing alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and anything else they can get their hands on so that they can feel a sense of escape from the reality that haunts them.  For so long we’ve dealt with these symptoms.  And that’s what these issues are; symptoms.  For so long we’ve tried to manage the symptoms but God is calling us to not just manage symptoms but deal with the core of the issue.  The core of the issue is that kids are living a life void of vision.  The Bible says that without vision people perish or cast off restraint.  It’s time that we stop allowing pop culture to cast vision for our kids and give them a vision of who Jesus is and who they are in Him.  That truth doesn’t just give us the power to manage symptoms, it changes everything.  

Royal Tailor wants to take 60 minutes out of a school day at schools nation wide and cast vision.  We want to inspire students to dream.  To tell them that they have the power to break the cycle of dysfunction in the world that surrounds them.  That there is hope when they feel hopeless.  That they have a future and it doesn’t have to look like their past.  

The Impact 

We want to do it bigger than MTV!  We want to do it better than the half-time at the Super Bowl!  We want to create a world-class, high-energy, performance driven, MIND BLOWING presentation leaving kids thinking of all sorts of colorful possibilities.  We also want them to realize that thoughtlessly following the trends of pop culture will leave them with a pale pallet that will paint nothing more than a dingy future.  We want to do this at multiple schools in each city.  Monday-Thursday, at four different schools in 1 city.  Then on Friday night of that week we will be pushing for all those kids to come to another HUGE concert.  In that concert we will deliver the Gospel.  Now, we are also working on a website and resources to keep students moving toward their destiny so that we do not just giving them inspiration without direction.  More details will unfold as this vision unfolds and people partner with us.  Hopefully this gives you a vision of what God has called us to do and compelled you to be a part of one of the biggest moves of God in our generation. 

What We Need

Your contribution will go to the following:

State of the art sound system.  (Amps, speakers, microphones, cables, mixing board, trussing, etc.)

State of the art lighting production. 

State of the art media presentation.  (Screens, projectors, computers, etc.)

Transporting all the equipment, band, and team.  (Gas, maintence, etc.)

Hiring and supporting crew members.

Marketing events in every city.

Event website development 


The estimated cost per week, doing 4 schools and a Friday Night event (5 shows) is between $8,000-$10,000.  We would like to do 20 schools THIS FALL.

To contribute click the link: