[BLOG]: We Are What We Do | Identity Produces Action

There is a popular belief circulating in the world that deserves a conversation.  It’s this notion that we have the ability to detach our actions from our identity.  That what we do doesn’t have the final say on who we are. That Jesus’ heroic action on the cross defines who we are, not necessarily our response to that action.  Now, let’s make sure this is clearly communicated.  I fully endorse the school of thought that says because Jesus died on the cross for our sins we have the opportunity to respond and put our faith in Him. And that THAT decision has the power to define who we are because it affects every choice we make for the rest of our lives.  However, that doesn’t give us a license to do whatever we want and then try to qualify poor choices with the cross. 

No. The power of the gospel is that after we surrender to the love of God we are given the authority to make wise choices and continue to walk towards the day when we are perfected with Christ.   

Jesus’ heroic action on the cross defines who we are only when we allow it to define us.  

Our struggle is that we want to define ourselves when following Jesus is a departure from ourselves and a life long pursuit of Him.

I think we need to hit the refresh button on our perspective and get the proper picture of what God wants for us.  

If we are what we do then what you do becomes the product of who you are.  And in that is a beautiful truth.  A truth that, if we’ll let it, will make us free.

The change in our activity will happen when we realize our identity.  When we believe and respond to the Gospel we take on the identity of Christ.  The realization of that identity will produce actions and those actions will produce a lifestyle and we’ll be different; transformed.  

Now understand this, we do not have to be what we have done.  The cross is the remedy for that.  What we’ve done can be erased, wiped away, gone forever and we can be a new creation, born again, free from sin and empowered to act in response to the love of God for his people. 

The truth is that we are what we do but what that speaks of your life is up to you...I guess who you are will ultimately depend on what you do with that truth.

For God’s Renown!