[BLOG]: The Invisible Spectrum | From Seen to Unseen

Do you consider yourself a big thinker?  I always have.  I love to dream and dream way HUGE.  However, recently I’ve come to realize that even my imagination operates within a visible spectrum of sorts.  That my dreams are trapped within the confines of this spectrum and are limited by its perceived boundaries.

In the realm of light there is what we call Visible Light.  Everything between Red and Violet is visible.  Beyond that we enter the Invisible Spectrum.  Everything beyond red is infrared and everything beyond  violet is ultraviolet.  The human eye cannot identify, capture, or see anything in this invisible spectrum.

See, I naturally base what I can achieve on what I've seen those around me achieve.  Thus, I equate “huge”' as doing or accomplishing something that is relatively bigger than what those around me are doing or what those before me have done.  Realistically it’s not really all that audacious.  It’s merely a bit better than normal.

My eyes physically will never see into the world of the invisible.  Through the narrow perspective of mere men, my dreams may seemingly be impossible and if I were depending on man I would have to face that reality.  Thankfully, my hope isn’t in man. It  has been deposited into the reality of a God who is outside the realm of impossibility and that God takes residence inside of me.  

Not only me, but He is alive in you

I’m realizing that my dreams weren't big enough.  What I am doing right now to reach my generation just simply is not enough.  Why?  Because I have become comfortable looking at the visible spectrum as if that is all that exists.     

 It's not.

Color and light exist beyond what we can see.  We have to understand that only God can paint the portrait of our lives with the vivid colors that soar beyond our limited pallet of reality.  However, we put the brush to canvas when we believe that God can use us in this invisible spectrum. Possibility exists beyond what you and I are currently dreaming.  In fact, God is dreaming BIGGER dreams over our lives than the dreams we have for our lives. 

God is calling my generation out of the seen into the unseen, from the visible to the invisible.  That's where He wants to take us and we’re definitely going. 

For God’s Renown!