A Closer Look at The Potential of Proximity

I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on my video post and unpack it further for you.

Allow me to ask you some questions...

Are you aware of what or who you are close to?  Are you aware of how close you are to crossing the line morally in a few different areas of your life?  Are you aware of how the people you surround yourself with are influencing you?  Are you aware of your proximity to danger, hurt, sin, and the heartache that follows.   

How close we are to something or someone has the potential to either harm us or help us. Our awareness of which one of the two is happening will determine much of what we experience in life.

We must constantly make life decisions based on what brings us into closer proximity to Jesus.

Life if full of these decisions everyday. 

Do your friends bring you into closer proximity with Christ?  Or do those friendships create distance?  How about music or internet habits?  How about how you spend money?

Every decision determines our distance and whether we will end up falling short of God’s purpose for our lives or the fulfillment of God’s purpose for our lives.  Every decision brings us closer or pulls us away.

You have the greatest potential when you are closets to Christ.

You may be asking how close is close?

You can be close, you can be in the crowd, you can be in the church, but that doesn’t mean anything if your heart isn’t intentionally set on encountering God everyday.  

When you get close to Christ, the things that are important to him become important to you.

The Bible tells a story about a few men who let their paralyzed friend down through the roof of a house while Jesus was teaching because it was too crowded to get him to Jesus any other way.  They understood the potential of proximity.  We have to do the same.  We have to do everything we can to get people to Jesus.

Our wold is paralyzed.  They feel like they can’t make a move towards Christ because their trapped by depression, broken families, insecurity, and abuse.  They feel over looked and underrated.  They need someone to get them to Jesus and you are the vehicle.  You have to get them close because their potential rely’s on their proximity. 

Our relationship with God is to be magnetic.  When we get close to God we develop an understanding that we are the force that draws people to Jesus. The church can’t help but be attractional because the very spirit of God draws the lost.  And if the spirit of God is in you, people are going to be drawn to the Jesus in you.

The world’s potential to find a relationship with God depends on our willingness to do whatever it takes to get them close to him. 

Their potential is in their proximity to you. 


For God’s Renown!