*Rapping* Stop. Collaborate and listen... -Vanilla Ice

Here’s an excerpt from a book I read that I was drawn back to this afternoon. 

“...most of us grew up in a culture that applauded only individual achievement. We are, generals in an ego-driven “army of one,” each the center of an absurd cosmos, taking such happiness as we can find...but our new heroes are men and women who know how to gather allies, build teams, and work together toward shared goals.”

 The Collaborative Habit // Twyla Tharp

 There are no superstars in the Kingdom of God.  If Jesus is the center there is no room for you or I to be.  Our goal as believers is to individually and collectively glorify Jesus through our livesWhether collaborating on a new idea, writing a song, launching a community initiative, developing a sermon, creating a new fashion trend, _____________________(Fill in the blank), there is power in collaboration.  You can do exponentially more collectively than you can do individually.  

 I’m encouraging you to find someone and share your dream with them.  Allow someone else to speak new life into it!  Find someone else that you can invest in and push for and set up for a win.  When I look back on some of the greatest moments/accomplishments in my life I notice VERY few were conquered alone.   So as the great philosopher Vanilla Ice so brilliantly stated, “Stop.  Collaborate and listen.”


For God’s Renown!



Here are some people I collab with regularly:


Band Pastor & 99 Lead Visionary, Joseph Aaron //  josephaaron.tv, scrapthemodel.com 

Stylist & Clothing Designer, Jon Powell // jandhp.com, honeclothing.com 

Producer & Songwriter Chuck Butler // website coming soon...